Peru Spiritual 14 Days 13 Nights machu picchu
Peru Spiritual 14 Days 13 Nights lima
Peru Spiritual 14 Days 13 Nights
Peru Spiritual 14 Days 13 Nights machu picchu

Peru Spiritual 14 Days / 13 Nights

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All about the Peru Spiritual 14 Days / 13 Nights.

Day 1: Overnight in Lima
Day 2: Overnight at Pisco city
Day 3: Overnight at Nazca
Day 4: Overnight at Lima
Day 5: Overnight at Cusco
Day 6: Overnight in Cusco
Day 7: Overnight at Cusco
Day 8: Overnight at Aguas calientes town
Day 9: Overnight at Aguas calientes town
Day 10: Overnight at Cusco
Day 11: Overnight at Cusco
Day 12: Overnight in Cusco
Day 13: Overnight in Cusco
Day 14: End tour

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Star Hotel or different this is according the requirements of our clients.
  • Train tickets. to Machupicchu ( Two way)
  • Transportation for whole trip, – Guide for all trip.
  • Tourist ticket to visit the sacred valley.
  • Everything related with entrance fee.
  • Flight tickets Lima-Cusco. Cusco Lima
  • Breakfast at the Hotels – Ceremonies.

Note. All this tour is going to be guide by the local Guide and the Andean Priest, so the local Guide is going to explain about the Inca sites based in the history and investigations. But the Andean Priest has a different background about those places this way you will have two different ways to focus about the Inca culture

  1. Day 1 Overnight in Lima

    Arrival day in Lima Group Meeting. after the group meeting visit the the pre Inca site Pachacamac, this is one of the Inka temples build in honor to Pachacamac god, and the location is close to Lima city. according historians Pachacamac temple was build when Inkan civilization was expanding in different directions.

  2. Day 2 Overnight at Pisco city

    Morning orientation walking tour in Lima, afternoon private bus to Pisco it takes like 4 ½ hours. arriving to Pisco take a rest and then have briefing for the next day. Ballestas tour or Paracas National park, we have these 2 options because sometimes we have people who suffer, sea sickness

  3. Day 3 Overnight at Nazca

    Private bus to Nazca with stop at Huacachina oasis 3-4hrs bus ride. after the Huacachina Oasis stop at tower located in Pampas of Nazca recommended place to see the Nazca lines, , Optional: Sand-dune buggies and Sand-boarding. on the way to Nazca there are many farming areas by the evening optional Nazca planetarium conference

  4. Day 4 Overnight at Lima

    Tour to the pre Inca cemetery in Nazca (Included) visit to Chauchilla cemetery (pre-inka site) – 2 ½ hrs then Free time in Nazca. Overnight comfortable bus back to Lima (10-11 hrs) optional Over flight Nazca lines (110.00 USD aproxi,) this is variable according the season.

  5. Day 5 Overnight at Cusco

    Transfer to the Airport and depart for Cusco. Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel. arriving to Cusco, have the coca tea which is good to prevent the altitude sickness because, we also suggest to take the altitude sickness tablets a day before.

  6. Day 6 Overnight at Cusco

    Tour to Sacsayhuaman Archeological Complex. The area contains thirty-three archeological sites. The most famous is Sacsayhuaman. It might well have been a religious structure, but for its location is very strategically over there Inca people had many battles against Spanish, during the colonial time was consider a quarry because most of the churches in the city were build with stones of this places.

  7. Day 7 Overnight at Cusco

    Tour Maras and Moray this is a beautiful place to see how the Inca people developed the farming technical systems and they could adapted plants from the rain forest because at the button of the farming laboratory is very warm.

  8. Day 8 Overnight at Aguas calientes town

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  9. Day 9 Overnight at Aguas calientes town

    Machupicchu Tour , this is another unforgettable day because there is another nice explanation of the Inca people and why they build this magnificent city in the cloud forest, there is time to explore everything, like the sun gate and the famous Inka bridge.   

  10. Day 10 Overnight at Cusco

    Tour Ollantaytambo and Chincheros today you’’ll experience a different site of the sacred valley and you’ll back to cusco in the afternoon.

  11. Day 11 Overnight at Cusco

    Tour Tipon today the tour takes to magnificent water aqueducts of Tipon over there you’ll see the most advance technical system  in hydraulic all of them made in 15th century 30 minutes from Cusco. (ceremony at this place).

  12. Day 12 Overnight at Cusco

    Tour Raqchi another beautiful place it’s located like in 3 hours from Cusco over there is the biggest temple of the Inca time dedicated to Wiracocha god in the Andean believe Wiracocha was the invisible god.

  13. Day 13 Overnight at Cusco

    Tour Hot Springs and Quillarumiyoc 3 hours bus ride from Cusco and over there have a tour plus a ceremony to the Mother Earth, we do this tour with the Andean priest., which practices the Inca religion.

  14. Day 14 End tour

    Check out and of our services we cover the transfer to the airport any schedule .