Spiritual, Cultural and Adventure tours

inka Spirit is a Peruvian travel company based in the Cuzco Region of Peru, The company was born in 2004, founded by Armando Saavedra and some members of his family. Armando has been involved with the tourism industry for a total of 15 years with professional experience guiding tourists of all ages, not only in Peru, but also in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina.

Armando has a passion for all things Peruvian, favourite hobbies being biking and trekking in the mountains. He has studied the history and culture of his ancestory with a particular interest in searching for a deeper knowledge of the past, especially in relation to the spiritual ways of the Incas.

Armando has studied for many years with Masters who are descendant from the Incas, teachers who have dedicated their lives to the practice and preservation of these sacred rites.

Visitors to our country have many reasons for their journey. Some travel for the adventure and the excitement of new experiences, some travel to explore the beauty of our landscape and to discover the secrets of the past. With Inka Spirit all these things are possible and more. In Peru we have this saying, ``In Peru everything is possible!`` .

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