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Feel the Power of Our Best Fitness Watch Yet (Under 3000)

Life is easy with technology coming into our life. Calls just a few taps away; streaming anytime, anywhere; ready food delivery at your helm with a few clicks; managing and counting calories on the go and so the list goes…

From the basic health apps on our phone, we moved to smart watches tracking our steps to specialised workout based tracking. 

And here comes the big “BUT”.

What about everything in between? Like every nice piece of technology, Watch Xtend Sport — our all new fitness watch will have a fitness tracker like no other. This best smartwatch under 3000 tracks your regular sports, your step count, your calorie burnt and goes beyond to with its 700+ activity modes.

While a regular fitness watch may activate a specific mode to a very limited number of sports, Xtend Sport watches out your calorie burnt even while binge watching your favourite series, or while snuggling, rapping, performing ballet and while performing household chores. So what can our best fitness watch do? Here is a little list to ease things up for you.

The King of Fitness Watch


With 700+ active modes on boAt Xtend Sport our best fitness watch — track more than 100 sporting activities, more than 90 household chores, more than 20 running modes, occupation related tasks, playing music, phew…  If that is not legendary enough for you, our best smartwatch under 3000 can do more.

A Fitness Watch That Matches Your Speed

This fitness smartwatch is smart enough to understand that it needs to be as fast as you are. It is ready for you to sweat your calories out within minutes. Just 30 minutes of charging and it gets you going for another round of your fitness journey.

Truly Sportalicious


We all have that friend whose catchphrase is “bhai score kya hua hai?”. Our best fitness watch not only keeps a track on you with its fitness tracker but also tracks the score of the cricket matches that you and your buddy are interested in right on your smartwatch.

Your Personal Motivator

Finding motivation to work out is a tough thing to crack. What use are 700+ modes if there is no will to workout? Well, our fitness smartwatch can find you motivation to break a leg with gamification of your journey on the boAt Crest App. And this gem of a fitness tracker does not stop there, it can track and even nudge your fitness tribe to do better through the app.

Styling is an Imperative


What is a fitness watch without a style quotient? boAt Xtend Sport, the best fitness watch, plays only in triple figures. With being the first watch with 700+ modes, it comes with a choice of 100+ watch faces to spoil you. Style your wrist with a new face everyday!

For every move you throw at it, Xtend Sport has a mode to keep a tab on it. It won’t be wrong to look back and appreciate all the technological advancements that solved our problems all these years. And make every move count with boAt Xtend Sport. 

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